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The Wolfhound head badge was inspired by a historic painting by Philip Reinagle, which appeared in The Sportsman’s Cabinet, 1803.  It was also designed in the likeness of the factory mascot Duncan. After nine years of loyal friendship I lost him to bone cancer. My fondness for him was strong enough to inspire the name of the company. Like the Irish Wolfhound breed, Wolfhound cycles are strong and fast. Being the tallest breed, the name also reflects my affinity for 29” wheels. Another reason I knew the name was perfect is the fact that Wolfhounds are one of the oldest breeds, having left their footprints in the history of royalty and heroics.

There is no doubt the dogs go back much further than bikes, but I saw a similarity to this in the classic style of building steel bicycles with a flame. Aside from all legends, the truth is that Duncan, like most Wolfhounds, really enjoyed lounging around. It was only in between extended periods of sleep that he would display short bursts of the legendary strength and speed. The dog in the badge shows what he would look like in a moment of alertness, looking back at the competition, ready to run. The head badge is made of approximately one ounce of solid sterling silver or white bronze. Should this be a concern for the ultra weight weenie, a painted on “W” can be happily substituted.